Furs-Day Feature #4

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Welcome to Furs-day Feature. Since, I like to read books about dogs and other animals, I decided to blog about them in a separate blog post on random Thursdays.  If you have read a good book about a furry friend or with a furry friend in a book, feel free to join me! Don’t forget to link my blog to your post.

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I was not a fan of this book.  Even though the illustrations are adorable, I didn’t like the story at all.  It was very negative.  The poor animals in this book are just doing what comes naturally to them and the kids are constantly saying “Bad dog!” and “No!”  I mean goats will eat paper sacks!  They can’t help it.  And to have a line that says, “The bad dog sits on Dad!” is a horrible message to share with kids.  Dog’s are man’s best friend, of course they want to sit on a lap.


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A funny and uplifting book.  Zora wants to fly so she can catch that pesky squirrel that sits on the fence.  My dogs can definitely relate!  They are constantly trying to catch squirrels in my back yard too.  This book teaches perseverance and believing in yourself.  It also encourages helping one another and friendship.  The perfect book for kids that teaches never giving up and helping one another.

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