Dog Days of Summer Reading Challenge-My Magical Mutt Tag

La La in the Library created two dog tags for our Dog Days of Summer Reading Challenge fun.  One was the I, Dog Bot Tag and the other was The Magical Mutt Tag.  I decided to do the Magical Mutt Tag since I read more Fantasy than Sci-Fi.  Check out her Magical Mutt Tag answers HERE!
If you do either tag in August and enter your link HERE , you will be entered for a $12 international e-gift card for Amazon or Better World Books courtesy of La La in the Libray.

1. Who is your favorite magical or Fantasy genre dog? It can be from a movie, television show, or book. Why?

Obivously, Padfoot from Harry Potter but since I have seen that answer around I am going to choose Ghost from Game of Thrones.  He is a dire wolf. He is Jon Snow’s dire wolf so that answers the why haha!


2. Would you rather have a canine familiar, or be able to shape-shift into a dog? Why?

Shape shifting.  As a dog it would be so cool to have their amazing hearing and smelling and the ability to run so fast.  My only concern is where would my clothes go???

3. If you had a dog familiar, daemon, or were an animagus and changed into dog form, what combination of breeds would it be? It has to be a mix because the tag says magical mutt, ha ha! Why would you choose them?

There are so many great breeds to chose from.  I would choose a pit bull because of their strength and the misconception that they are mean.  I would prove everyone wrong.  And a husky because of their intelligence and beauty, especially their eyes.


4. What would your familiar’s, daemon’s, or your dog form’s name be?

Luna.  I have always wanted a pet named Luna after Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter.  She is one of my  favorite characters because she is true to herself and doesn’t care what other think about her.


5. If you had a magical dog what three powers would be important for them to have? For example: speech, invisibility, finding lost objects, levitation, changing into another animal. Why?

The ability to change size so that I could make my dog really, really small and put in my purse and travel undetected or make my dog really big so I could ride him like a horse and have fun outdoors. Another would be to live the same amount of time as humans.  I wouldn’t want my dog to be immortal because they would get left behind when I died and would be sad but if they could live at least 50 years or more instead of only 10-15 that would be awesome! Telepathy would be great too so we could chat while I am at work but I am afraid most of what I would hear would be “squirrel”, “rabbit”, “treat”!


6. If your magical dog could talk what accent would it have, if any?

Irish or Scottish.  I just love listening to those accents.

7. If your fantasy dog had one odd magical habit (ex: making the water disappear from the tub at bathtime), or wore some strange talisman on its collar (ex: a vial of wolf blood to help them run faster), what would it be?

An invisibility collar. I would put it on when we went shopping or to my parents house lol!

8. If you were going to write a Fantasy story with a canine main character what would the premise be and what title would you have in mind?

The premise would definitely be some kind of rescue mission of shelter dogs waiting to be put down.  The canine main character, Roscoe, would break in and set all the animals free.  He would lead them to homes where they could be adopted.  The title would be Roscoe to the Rescue.

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7 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer Reading Challenge-My Magical Mutt Tag

  1. La La in the Library says:

    Changing size would be fabulous! The invisibility collar idea is brilliant. I wish it was real because I am always wishing there was a way to have a secret dog here in our apartment. Ha ha. I love the name Luna, too. 💜✨

    I would definitely read Roscoe to the Rescue! 🐕✨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Barb (boxermommyreads) says:

    Roscoe to the Rescue sounds awesome and is one I’d pick up. I definitely wouldn’t kick Jon Snow OR his dire wolf off the steps if they knocked on the front door. I love how you’d be a pitbull mix and for such good reasons. LOVED reading your answers!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Greg says:

    Shapeshifting would be pretty awesome, although having a companion w/ that special bond would be cool too. And huskies! Yes love those. And your magical dog answers are awesome too. 🙂 Yes to the extended life span!

    Can you imagine a talking dog with an Irish or scots accent? Wow. Now THAT would be entertaining. And Roscoe to the Rescue frankly sounds like a pretty good story.

    Liked by 1 person

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