Dog Days of Summer Reading Challenge




Welcome to the 2nd annual Dog Days of Summer Reading Challenge hosted by La La in the Library and myself.  The challenge is simple.  During the month of August, read as many books about dogs, books with dogs on the cover, or books written by dogs (kidding) as you want.

Please link us in any Dog Days of Summer posts you do.

I will be having a GIVEAWAY at the end of the challenge of some of my favorite dog books.


There will be some fun dog related blog posts throughout the month as well, and La La and I will be buddy reading a middle grade dog book together. Check out her Dog Days post HERE!


And last, but certainly not least, in honor of my rescue dog, Trixie, who passed away in June, I will be donating a dollar for every dog book we all read (up to $100) to the rescue, AHeinz57,  I adopted her from.

Let’s all join together and celebrate man’s best friend.  So start gathering those dog books, the Dog Days of Summer Reading Challenge starts August 1st. If you need some book ideas, check out my Dog Books page on my blog.



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