Tell Me Tuesday


Tell Me Tuesday is a weekly blog feature put on by La La in the Library.  It is where we discuss what books we have been reading, currently reading, and going to be reading. What are you reading? Tell us.


What I Read Last


I was too busy last week binge watching Downton Abbey.  I had always heard great things but never gave it a try.  I am so glad that I am watching it now.  However, it makes me crave tea and attempt to speak with a British accent which believe me is not a good thing!  Thankfully, I only have two more seasons to watch.

downton abbey


What I Am Currently Reading


Goodreads Blurb

People say Beartown is finished. A tiny community nestled deep in the forest, it is slowly losing ground to the ever encroaching trees. But down by the lake stands an old ice rink, built generations ago by the working men who founded this town. And in that ice rink is the reason people in Beartown believe tomorrow will be better than today.  Beartown explores the hopes that bring a small community together, the secrets that tear it apart, and the courage it takes for an individual to go against the grain.


What I Will Read Next


I know I keep putting this book off but I just can’t to get myself to open it up and start reading.  I loved the first two books in the series so I am not sure what my problem is.  I think it is because I don’t remember everything that happened in the first two books and it is tiresome to re-read them or try to remember as I start the new one.  Hopefully, this is the week I can get it started.


Books Bought


I bought this for my Kindle for $1.99 because I thought it sounded interesting and apparently it is a rather famous book.  I guess there was a BBC show based on the books.  That doesn’t bode well for me (haha).


I bought this for $.99 thanks to seeing it on La La in the Library’s blog.  This book too seemed right up my alley.





I am sorry to say that the foster pups will be going to a new foster home on Saturday.  I have had them for three months and I am proud of how well they are doing and how far they have come from when I first brought them home.  They will be going to a foster home that has more experience and can give them more of what they need. I am sad to see these sweet boys leave but I will definitely be in touch with the new foster family and will get a say in who they get adopted by so that makes me feel better.

Have a great week reading what makes you happy!

5 thoughts on “Tell Me Tuesday

  1. La La in the Library says:

    I still have to watch the last two seasons of Downton Abby, myself. I have to get at least one Backman book read. Everyone raves about them. I am happy to see you got Pack Of Two also. I am going to look and see if a have enough dog books to do a Dog Days Of Summer Marathon in August.

    Aww… the wuppers. I will miss seeing their Pupdates. You will have to post pics of your dogs now. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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