2017 Challenges Update-April and May

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It has been a couple months since my last Challenges Update.  I have been busy with foster pups and my son graduating high school but I have still had time to get some reading done! There is always time to read right?


IMG_9097_LI (3)

(The newest additions to the check list are marked in Green.)

A book with a color in the title.

Screenshot 2017-05-02 at 11.04.12 AM

A book set in a place you want to visit.

After reading this book about the author and his dog’s adventures hiking in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire, I would love to go and try hiking some of these scenic peaks.


A nonfiction book about nature.


A book set in Asia.

This was a great book about immigration.  Part of the book was set in Asia, part of it in the U.S.


IMG_9185_LI (3)

A book outside of your typical genre.


This was a mystery thriller.  I don’t read many thrillers but I enjoy them when I do.  This was a good one.


A short story or anthology.



number the stars

This was actually a re-read but I am counting it anyway!




4 books down, 3 to go!



My goal is to read books 5 and 6. I did finish book 5 in February but then I discovered there was a novella (over 500 pages) that goes with book 4.  I decided to read it before I got too far into the series. So I haven’t started book 6 yet but hopefully soon!




I challenged myself to read 7-12 books that have an animal on the cover and are the main character of the story.  The books below are 8, 9, and 10.



I challenged myself this year to read at least half of the Printz Award books but I haven’t read one yet.  This may be a challenge for 2018.  Hopefully, I can read a couple in 2017.


How are your reading challenges going? If you are not doing any challenges, what are some of your favorite books so far this year? I would love to know.

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