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Book Blogger Hop is a weekly feature put on by The Coffee Addicted Writer.  It is where a new question is asked each week by different bloggers.  This week’s question is submitted by Kristin @ Lukten av Trykksverte.

And the question is…

What book has changed your life?


Ok, first off there is NO WAY that I can name just one book and if I did, it would most likely be Harry Potter and that just seems predictable and cliche. So I am going to list 3 books that changed my life for very different reasons.


until tuesday.jpgBook Summary

Until Tuesday is the story of how two wounded warriors, who had given so much and suffered the consequences, found salvation in each other. It is a story about war and peace, injury and recovery, psychological wounds and spiritual restoration. But more than that, it is a story about the love between a man and dog, and how, together, they healed each other’s souls.

Before I read this book, I had no idea there were service dogs that helped veterans and people with medical conditions other than blindness. This book made me realize how intelligent, loving, devoted, and self-less dogs really are.  Because of this book, I looked at dogs differently and started reading anything I could on service dogs, military dogs, and rescued dogs.  This all eventually led to me fostering dogs in my own home.  Now, I can’t imagine my life without a dog in it. Check out my DOG BOOKS page for more awesome books on dogs.



FullSizeRender (7)

Ok some of you may roll your eyes at this one but it truly did change my life.  It changed the way I looked at teenagers which was good since I have two teenagers and work with teens on a daily basis.  I became more tolerant, empathetic, and understanding of what teens are dealing with everyday.  I learned about teens dealing with self-harm, eating disorders, mental illness, suicide etc. This book deals with teens and cancer and is very well written which led me to read other John Green books which led me to read more Young Adult books which led me to blogging.



I know! This is not a surprise but I had to include the Harry Potter books.  I started reading them about 10 years ago when my son was interested in them.  I fell in love with them instantly.  At first it was because the story was so good.  After re-reading them, it was because of how well written they were.  I have lost count of how many times I have read them but because of these books, my family has watched the movies together, gone to the theme parks together, and just have had something in common to talk about and face it, that can be hard to do with teenagers sometimes. I truly feel like I will always have this in common with my kids and I hope to share Harry Potter with my grand kids someday.


So now I ask you, what book or books have changed your life?

Please leave a comment and let me know.


Tell Me Tuesday


Tell Me Tuesday is a weekly blog feature put on by La La in the Library.  It is where we discuss what books we have been reading and why.  Please join in and tell us what YOU have been reading.



My last post, THE CHOCOLATE POST, was my 100th blog post!!!




This was a great sci-fi/fantasy series.  I enjoyed it more than her Throne of Glass series. However, I realized that I need to wait until ALL the books are out before I start reading them because I can’t remember what happened in the previous books.


A funny and easy read about a country veterinarian in the 1930’s and his dealings with farmers and their animals.




Goodreads Blurb

As we made our way from Virginia to California, returning to the places where she’d lived as a child in foster care and as a teenager on the run, repaying debts and keeping promises, I learned who she was in her life-before-me and the secrets she had kept – even from herself. But when life on the road began to feel normal I couldn’t forget the home we’d left behind, couldn’t deny that, just like my mother, I too had unfinished business.





The Chocolate Post

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Greg at Greg’s Book Haven did a Chocolate Post that looked like fun so I decided to join in. So grab some hot chocolate or a candy bar and enjoy!


1) Dark Chocolate – a book that deals with a dark topic.


2) White Chocolate – your favorite lighthearted or humorous read.

3) Milk Chocolate – a book that has a lot of hype that you’re dying to read.


4) Chocolate with a caramel center – a book that made you feel all goey in the middle while you were reading it.

eleanorand park



5) Wafer free Kit Kat – name a book that has surprised you lately.
 6) Snickers – a book you’re going nuts about.
7) Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows – a book you would turn to for a comfort read.
8) Box of chocolates – what series have you read that you feel has a wide variety and something for everyone?
hunger games.jpg

Anyone else need a chocolate fix? I know I do!


Tell Me Tuesday


Tell Me Tuesday is a weekly blog feature put on by La La in the Library.  It is where we discuss what books we have been reading, currently reading, and going to be reading. What are you reading? Tell us.


What I Read Last


I was too busy last week binge watching Downton Abbey.  I had always heard great things but never gave it a try.  I am so glad that I am watching it now.  However, it makes me crave tea and attempt to speak with a British accent which believe me is not a good thing!  Thankfully, I only have two more seasons to watch.

downton abbey


What I Am Currently Reading


Goodreads Blurb

People say Beartown is finished. A tiny community nestled deep in the forest, it is slowly losing ground to the ever encroaching trees. But down by the lake stands an old ice rink, built generations ago by the working men who founded this town. And in that ice rink is the reason people in Beartown believe tomorrow will be better than today.  Beartown explores the hopes that bring a small community together, the secrets that tear it apart, and the courage it takes for an individual to go against the grain.


What I Will Read Next


I know I keep putting this book off but I just can’t to get myself to open it up and start reading.  I loved the first two books in the series so I am not sure what my problem is.  I think it is because I don’t remember everything that happened in the first two books and it is tiresome to re-read them or try to remember as I start the new one.  Hopefully, this is the week I can get it started.


Books Bought


I bought this for my Kindle for $1.99 because I thought it sounded interesting and apparently it is a rather famous book.  I guess there was a BBC show based on the books.  That doesn’t bode well for me (haha).


I bought this for $.99 thanks to seeing it on La La in the Library’s blog.  This book too seemed right up my alley.





I am sorry to say that the foster pups will be going to a new foster home on Saturday.  I have had them for three months and I am proud of how well they are doing and how far they have come from when I first brought them home.  They will be going to a foster home that has more experience and can give them more of what they need. I am sad to see these sweet boys leave but I will definitely be in touch with the new foster family and will get a say in who they get adopted by so that makes me feel better.

Have a great week reading what makes you happy!

Book Blogger Hop

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Here is a recap of my week.




Tell Me Tuesday is put on by La La in the Library.  It is a weekly blog feature where we talk about our latest reads and why we are reading them.  Be sure to check out La La’s latest books and tell us what you are reading and why.


What I Am Reading Now


I have been reading this book since last Tuesday and I am almost finished.  It is just shy of 1000 pages.  This is book 6 in the series.  There are currently 8 books written, number nine may be out late this year, and there are going to be 10 total in the series.  It has been great diving back into the late 1700’s and getting immersed into Claire and Jamie’s lives a few years before the Revolutionary War.  I never thought I would like historical fiction but the author makes it so interesting! Since Claire was a doctor in the present time, it is fascinating to read how she manages to heal the sick with herbs and roots in 1774.

What I Am Reading Next




Last week, I participated in my first Book Blogger Hop post. There is a weekly prompt featuring a book related question and last week’s question looked like a fun topic. Last week’s question was…


Here is the link to my post showing you all the things both bookish and non bookish on my shelves.

Last Week’s Book Blogger Hop Post


This week’s question is…

If you could have lunch with any living authors and/or book bloggers, who would you choose and why?

The obvious answer for an author is J.K. Rowling because I think she is a genius.  Her writing is witty, amazing, and complex. But since you already probably guessed that one, I am going to choose instead, John Green.


The reason I would choose John Green to have lunch with is because I love ALL is books. He tells such great stories and they are brilliant and funny.  I would love to ask him where he gets his inspiration and ideas and thank him for writing such great books for teenagers.  I think his most famous book, The Fault In Our Stars, got many teens back into reading again. I would also ask when is his next book coming out? It was been a few years since his last book was released.

I went to a conference put on by John and his brother, Hank.  John spoke a couple different times and I just loved everything he had to say.  Here is a small clip from his presentation on the importance of reading and writing stories.

John Green Video

I have collected all of John Green’s books and even have some autographed copies.

FullSizeRender (3)

The paperback on the left is signed and the book on the left is first printing, first edition.  I found it at a used books store.  I have never seen that cover before or since.


This is probably my second favorite book by John Green.  It is co-authored by David Levithan.  The amazing thing is the paperback on the right is signed by BOTH authors!

FullSizeRender (6)

The middle book is signed.  My librarian friend, Brianne, bought it and had it signed for me at a conference she was at.  I literally cried when she gave it to me.

FullSizeRender (7)

The book on the left is a signed first printing, first edition.

FullSizeRender (8)

The book on the left is another first printing, first edition and was very hard to track down.  It is the only book of John Green’s that I don’t have a signed copy of.


The question also asked…

If you could have lunch with any book bloggers, who would you choose and why?

My answer is absolutely, without a doubt LA LA from La La in the Library

Not only has she helped me immensely during my first year of blogging (and still does), she has a great blog, is hilarious, is passionate about many things, is not afraid to voice her opinion, and from what I read in her blog, has lead a very interesting life from working in the music industry.  I would love to talk to her about so many of these things during lunch.  However, the BIGGEST reason I would want to eat lunch with her is that I have no idea what she looks like and it drives me CRAZY!


What about you? Which living author and/or book blogger would you like to have lunch with and why?

Book Blogger Hop

This post is linked to The Sunday PostStacking the Shelves, and Saturday Situation. Be sure to check out their blogs and see what they have been reading.


My blogger buddy, La La in the Library, did a post this week called Book Blogger Hop which is put on by Billy at Ramblings From A Coffee Addicted Writer. There is a weekly prompt featuring a book related question and this week’s question looked like a fun topic to do a blog post on. This was last week’s question. The question was submitted by Silver’s Reviews.  The question was…

 Do you have only books on your bookshelves, or do you have other bookish items, too?


I do NOT have only books on my bookshelves.  I have both bookish items and non bookish items on my shelves.


I have five black shelves total.  My hubby bought three for me, put them together and said,”There! Those should hold all of your books!” HA HA HA! That didn’t last long.  There was room for two more shelves so I of course ordered two more.


One shelf is of course all of my Harry Potter books and other books related to Harry Potter.  I also have a couple Funko Pops.  One of Newt Scamander and his Niffler and one of Harry in his Quidditch robes.  There are also some treasures I bought at the HP theme parks. There are chocolate frog boxes, a Bertie’s Every Flavor bean box, a pumpkin juice bottle, a Butterbeer mug, a ticket and photo from Platform 9 3/4 in London, and four wands (those are bit hard to see).


I am also a huge Disney fan and my family and I have gone to both Disney World and Disneyland several times.  I found this old plate at a garage sale and this very old Golden book at a thrift shop.  I love it because it talks about all the rides at Disneyland.  Some of them are still there and some are not. The Belle and Beast salt and pepper shakers were given to me by my friend, Holly.  We are huge Beauty and the Beast fans.


I have a couple different sets of tea pots on my shelves.  These two are my husband’s great-great grandmothers’.


This child’s tea set was my grandmother’s. I put it next to my Judy Blume books because I loved those as a child.


I just love this old wiener dog ceramic dish and Golden book I got at a thrift shop.


I meant for this owl print to go on my Harry Potter shelf but I just don’t have room so he sits on a shelf nearby.  Isn’t he adorable? I bought him at a vintage shop.


I have lots of stuff on top of my shelves too. I love globes and maps. The little jar of sand by the globe is sand I got from Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. The old camera was my father-in-law’s.


The sailboat was made by my husband as a kid. It is hard to see but there is a jar of shells by the sailboat.  These are shell the kids have collected on various trips to the ocean.  There is also a map of Thailand.  I have been there three times.  The mini tea set, wicker ball, and elephant are from Thailand as well.



What about you? Do you have other things on your bookshelves?  Please comment and let me know!


Missed my Tell Me Tuesday post? Check it out below.


Tell Me Tuesday

Tell Me Tuesday


Tell Me Tuesday is a weekly blog feature hosted by La La in the Library. It is where we discuss what books we have been reading and look forward to reading and why.  What books are you reading? Tell us.



This week I am going to start with the pupdate. Last weekend, the foster pups went to their first adoption event.  They did great! Lots of people petted them and thought they were cute but were more interested in adopting puppies.  I know there is a special family out there somewhere for them.  The foster pups had surgery Monday.  They went in to get neutered and unfortunately also had to get some teeth pulled.  Tank had four teeth pulled and Dash had eleven pulled. Yes, eleven! They were a bit groggy at first but are doing very well.  I have some soft food for them to eat this week and fortunately, they have some pain medicine I can give them.


Poor Dash 😦


What I Read Last


I don’t normally read a lot of mysteries and I have no idea why because I usually end up really enjoying them. Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore was no exception.  I loved that the crime took place in a bookstore and that the main character was a book seller.  There were many references to other books in the story which I think makes the story seem more real.  Lydia finds one of her patrons, Joey, dead with a photograph of her at the age of ten in his pocket.  This leads to many questions and clues that she must investigate.  Unfortunately, this means that Lydia has to find her father and relive the memory of watching her best friend be brutally murdered, a murder that was never solved.  The author does a fabulous job unraveling these two murder mysteries and each of the characters is so well written that I could relate to most of them, even the flawed ones.  A definite read for mystery lovers.

paris for one

This was a quick and easy read.  It made me long for Paris.  I have been there three times and never get tired of it.  I bought this book when I was in London in March at Waterstones.  It was a signed copy so I couldn’t pass it up.

wilder rose

La La recommended this book to me after she noticed I had read another nonfiction book about Laura Ingalls Wilder.  This book talks about the life of Rose Wilder, Laura’s daughter, and their collaboration in writing the Little House books.  I found it very interesting.  Apparently, Rose did most of the editing and rewriting of the books.  I am a little disappointed to learn that but that doesn’t change the fact they are still Laura’s memories.  I have read Laura’s autobiography, Pioneer Girl, and the books are very true to her experiences in the Little House books.

farmer boy

After reading how the Little House books came about, I decided to re-read one of my favorite from the series, Farmer Boy. It always amazes me how hard the Pioneers worked and how nothing went to waste, not even watermelon rinds and apple cores! I hope to re-read more Little House books soon.


What I Am Reading Now


This book is very disappointing and dull.  I am basically skimming through it and skipping to the parts about Maggie Smith being in the Harry Potter movies and Downton Abbey.


What I Am Reading Next


It is time to get back to Claire and Jamie.  Now that it is summer, I have decided to read what I want! I don’t have any pressing reviews to do so I think I will relax and find out what happens next with the Frasers.


What are you looking forward to reading this summer? Tell me!

2017 Challenges Update-April and May

This post is linked with The Sunday PostStacking the Shelves, and Saturday Situation. They are weekly blog features discussing what we have been reading lately.  Be sure to check out their blogs and let us know what you have been reading.


It has been a couple months since my last Challenges Update.  I have been busy with foster pups and my son graduating high school but I have still had time to get some reading done! There is always time to read right?


IMG_9097_LI (3)

(The newest additions to the check list are marked in Green.)

A book with a color in the title.

Screenshot 2017-05-02 at 11.04.12 AM

A book set in a place you want to visit.

After reading this book about the author and his dog’s adventures hiking in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire, I would love to go and try hiking some of these scenic peaks.


A nonfiction book about nature.


A book set in Asia.

This was a great book about immigration.  Part of the book was set in Asia, part of it in the U.S.


IMG_9185_LI (3)

A book outside of your typical genre.


This was a mystery thriller.  I don’t read many thrillers but I enjoy them when I do.  This was a good one.


A short story or anthology.



number the stars

This was actually a re-read but I am counting it anyway!




4 books down, 3 to go!



My goal is to read books 5 and 6. I did finish book 5 in February but then I discovered there was a novella (over 500 pages) that goes with book 4.  I decided to read it before I got too far into the series. So I haven’t started book 6 yet but hopefully soon!




I challenged myself to read 7-12 books that have an animal on the cover and are the main character of the story.  The books below are 8, 9, and 10.



I challenged myself this year to read at least half of the Printz Award books but I haven’t read one yet.  This may be a challenge for 2018.  Hopefully, I can read a couple in 2017.


How are your reading challenges going? If you are not doing any challenges, what are some of your favorite books so far this year? I would love to know.