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Tell Me Tuesday is a weekly blog post put on by La La in the Library. It is where we talk about what we have been reading and what we will be reading next.  What are you reading? Tell us!


I haven’t had as much time to read the past two weeks due to a couple reasons.  The first reason is that I started fostering 2 senior bonded Shih Tzus.  Their names are Tank and Dash.  They are a father and son pair.  Dash is 15 and Tanks is between 10-12.  They are enjoying their time lying around on the couch and playing in the backyard.


The other reason I haven’t read as much is because I have been binge watching the Netflix show, The Crown.  After getting back from London, I was obsessed with the Royal Family and their history.  It is an excellent show!



What I Read LAST


Goodreads Blurb

Before there was Johnny and June, there was Johnny and Saul. The Man Who Carried Cash chronicles a relationship that was both volatile and affectionate between Johnny Cash and his manager, Saul Holiff. Saul handled the bookings and the no-shows, the divorce and the record deals, drugs, overdoses and arrests. He was there for the absolute worst of times, but also for the best.




The Book That Made Me is a celebration of the books that influenced some of the most acclaimed authors from Australia and the world.

This was a fun book to read. Even though I only recognized one of the authors that contributed to this book, I enjoyed reading what books inspired these authors as children. I was delighted to see some of the same books I loved reading as a kid. It definitely made me want to re-read some of these childhood favorites. There were also a couple books mentioned more than once by Roald Dahl that were some of the authors’ favorites so I had to go and read them. I would love to read a book like this with more authors I recognize but it was still a great read. A bonus was that at the end of the book, there were short bios about each author and there was a list of all the books mentioned.


What I Am Reading NOW


Goodreads Blurb

In the years since their story ended in the bestselling A STREET CAT NAMED BOB James, with Bob’s help, has begun to find his way back to the real world. Almost every day, Bob provides moments of intelligence, bravery and humor, at the same time opening his human friend’s eyes to important truths about friendship, loyalty, trust – and the meaning of happiness. In the continuing tale of their life together James shows the many ways in which Bob has been his protector and guardian angel through times of illness, hardship, even life-threatening danger.


What are you reading? Tell me.


5 thoughts on “Tell Me Tuesday

  1. La La in the Library says:

    I love those puppy wuppers. The Johnny Cash book sounds good and I will have to see if the library has the Bob books. I am reading The Upside Of Unrequited, as you know, and I am desperately hoping that the point of the MC’s judgemental character (even though she comes from a family that is judged by others) is a growth arc starting point, but I am not getting that vibe. However, nothing can help the over the top to ridiculous “hip” she has written these characters that make them actually unhip. Plus, babies being the brunt of sexual humor, is not hip or cool to me. I am not enjoying reading it at the moment. Thanks for letting me vent. Ha ha, and thanks for TMTing!

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