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This was a beautifully written book about love, motherhood, family, adoption, and sacrifice in the most horrifying way. The story is told from two points of view. Soli, a teenager, who escapes across the border from Mexico to the US. Her dangerous journey leaves her pregnant when she finally makes it to her cousin’s house in California. Kavya, who also lives in California, has everything she ever wanted except a baby. The character development is fabulous and the author weaves these two women’s stories together seamlessly. I had a hard time knowing who to root for at the end of this sad story. This book definitely questions immigration laws and the rights of illegal immigrants in this country. It also explored the rights of children born in this country to illegal immigrants and the rights of those people who want to adopt them. I had a hard time putting down this very real and raw story of these two women who will do anything for their child.



This book is written in verse which for me was a nice change. At times it was a bit confusing but it was still easy to follow. Also, the verse style makes it a fast read. Rae wants to win the Rodeo Championship but to get her times faster she thinks she needs to lose weight. What ensues is hard to read; Rae goes to the extreme and begins starving herself. Her relationships suffer which causes her to spiral down more. Her family, boyfriend, and best friend step in to help try and save her life. This is a great story of perseverance and love and important for teens and adults to read to understand this horrible disease.

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