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Tell me Tuesday is a weekly feature put on by La La in the Library where we talk about what we have been reading, what we are reading and what we will be reading and why. So check out our blogs and let us know!

Currently Reading

I am a huge fan of HGTV’s show, Rehab Addict, starring Nicole Curtis who has recently written a memoir.  She is doing a book tour and unfortunately not stopping near my home town.  However, she was stopping very close to where my aunt Mary Beth lives so she went for me. My aunt said the event had 800 people but Nicole Curtis talked to everyone of them who got a book signed.  I loved the inscription Ms. Curtis wrote in the book because my aunt IS fabulous!

Last Week’s Reads




I got this book from First to Read.

This book took me by surprise! I was immediately drawn in by the story; hundreds of babies found abandoned in the Arctic, rescued by American scientists, and adopted by families.  These babies, called Icelings,  grow up but they are not like normal children.  They can not talk and have weird eating and sleeping habits.   Then one day all of the kids, now teenagers, build a model of their homeland and convince their adoptive siblings to take them back to the Arctic.  Lorna is the sister of an Iceling, Callie, is caught up in this mass exodus to the Arctic. She meets up with several others as well and discovers there may be more to why the Icelings were taken from the Arctic than she realized.  I found this book very suspenseful.  The author does a great job pushing the story forward and keeps you wondering who these Icelings are and why do they need to go back to the Arctic and all at the same time.  This was a great Sci-Fi read for someone who isn’t a big fan of that genre.



4 thoughts on “Tell Me Tuesday

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Nice of your aunt to do that- and looks like a great event. Glad you got a signed book! I always have a lot of respect for authors who take time to greet each visitor. You know it must be exhausting.

    Iceling looks wild!

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  2. La La in the Library says:

    Aww… your auntie is fab! I used to be addicted to home reno shows when we had cable. I can’t wait to hear what you think about HIAYLM. I am going to wait until closer to the pub date to read it. I think I screwed myself out of a fantastic giveaway opportunity. A.G. told me see put my name on her publisher’s ARC Iist before she saw me mention on someone’s WOW that I wasn’t going to read it. She said that was okay though, and I could use it for a giveaway. Everyone seems to have gotten their physical copies though, even Pili got one in Spain, so I think she took my name the list . *sighs* It would have been the best giveaway. 😦

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