The Sun is Also a Star



Kate works in the District Attorney’s office. The town is shocked by the death of a local teen, Grant.  He and his best friends were hunting when something goes terribly wrong.  Grant is shot and killed. Kate had been texting with him the last few weeks and had developed a crush. The district attorney Kate works for gets the case and what seemed like an accident starts to look like murder.  Kate decides to do her own investigation too.  There were so many things I liked about this book.  With mysteries, the story can have too many coincidences that push the story forward or help solve the mystery.  This is Our Story didn’t do that.  The author made good use of red herrings. Also,  the characters were strong and not cliche.  There were a couple great twists in the plot and I was genuinely surprised at the ending.



I was a huge fan of Ms. Yoon’s first book Everything, Everything so I had high expectations for this book.  Boy, did she deliver! This book was beautiful from the first page to the last page.  It is the story of Daniel, a Korean American (born in America) and Natasha, a Jamaican immigrant here illegally.  The book takes place all in one day with some other minor characters involved that have a huge impact on the characters and vice versa.  Daniel is on his way to an interview for Yale and Natasha is on her way to meet with an immigration lawyer to try and stay in the country.  The two teens meet and help each other throughout the day. This story of love, fate, and taking chances was a great reminder of how the smallest acts of kindness can change a persons life and yours as well.



I read this book with a sixth grade student I work with in the afternoons.  We both loved it! It is a great story of how two boys that are the complete opposite can be best friends.  Max is huge and struggles in school.  Kevin, aka Freak, is small but brilliant.  They form a friendship that they refer to as Freak the Mighty.  Both boys are ridiculed at school and realize that they are stronger together and learn to overcome their differences to be best friends.  A great book for middle schoolers on friendship and overcoming your fears.



5 thoughts on “The Sun is Also a Star

  1. Greg Hill says:

    The Sun Is Also A Star looks good, I think I’ve read one or two books that are like that- take place all in one day, or a compressed time like that- and it sounds really interesting. Freak the Mighty sounds nice too. School is such a tough time for some kids…

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