Tell Me Tuesday and a Huge TBR List

Tell Me Tuesday is a weekly feature put on by La La in the Library. It is where we discuss what we are reading this week and why. So tell me, what are you reading?  Be sure to check out La La’s blog!

Lately, I have been getting approved more than usual for books from Net Galley.  Normally, I was only getting approved about half the time but last week all the books I requested, I was approved for! This made my TBR list grow fast. Several of the books need reviews by November 1st so I have been reading like a crazy person the last few days. My latest read was…


Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity by Kristin Elizabeth Clark.

I love road trip books! It makes me want to grab some snacks and jump in the car and just drive. Jess and Chunk have decided to drive from California to Chicago and stop at kitchy tourist stops on the way to Jess’s dad’s wedding. But her dad isn’t expecting his child to show up as Jessica, but instead as Jeremy. Jeremy was born as a boy but feels he is a girl. His dad was not happy about Jeremy’s decision to start hormone therapy and so they haven’t talked in months. This story has amazing characters and Jess and Chunk meet many of them on the road. What I liked about this story was the spontaneity and Jess and Chunk’s relationship. They have known each other since first grade. As best friends, they have years of inside jokes and memories but things have been a little strained since Jess has been transitioning from Jeremy to Jess. I haven’t read many books with a transgender main character. The premise of this book was great but a few things were tiresome and predictable. For example, Jess’s paranoia and her treatment of Chunk throughout the book was sometimes annoying. Also, the book seemed to end abruptly and too neat and tidy. However, there are lots of great moments and reading about Jess’s transition is sometimes joyful and sometimes heartbreaking. Overall, a good read.


I read the book Saving Hamlet by Molly Booth over the weekend.

This is such a fun book.  When I read the summary and it mentioned Shakespeare, I thought “oh no this is going to be boring or too difficult to follow.”  I am not a Shakespearean expert but the author definitely is! She does such a great job explaining through the story’s characters and plot the many different theories of what the play and character Hamlet is about.  Emma is 16 and loves theater.  Her high school is putting on Hamlet and she is one of the stage managers.  Things get stressful when Emma’s best friend, Lulu, is cast as Ophelia instead of Hamlet and Josh, the jock, is cast as Hamlet.  One night after rehearsal, Emma is alone on the stage trying to de-stress and accidentally falls through the trap door.  When she gets up, she finds that she is not under the stage at her high school but under the stage of the Globe Theater in Elizabethan England.  Emma at first thinks this is some sort of hallucination or dream but soon realizes that it is not.  She has actually traveled back in time and is watching the dress rehearsals of Hamlet.  Emma meets Shakespeare himself and other characters who teach her valuable lessons about love, life, and friendship.  Emma makes several trips back and forth through time during the course of the book.  The thing I LIKED most about the time travel aspect was that it wasn’t complicated.  Sometimes time travel plots are ridiculous and take over the story.  This one did not.  The thing I LOVED most was that I actually learned about the play Hamlet.  I, like many of you I am sure, was required to read it in high school.  I don’t remember it much and it made very little sense to me. I would really like to see the play now that I know more about it.  Saving Hamlet, was a fun read that will make you a Shakespeare fan by the end.


4 thoughts on “Tell Me Tuesday and a Huge TBR List

  1. La La in the Library says:

    If I did a “wish I was reading” list it would be a mile long blog post! That pivotal moment when Netgally and/or Edelweiss switches from approving half your requests to almost all of your requests kills everyone. Ha ha. Welcome to the club! Thanks for TMTing! You have been linked and I will tweet you now. 🙂

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