Tell Me Tuesday

Tell Me Tuesday is a weekly blog post put on by La La in the Library. We discuss what we have been reading lately and why. So tell me, what are you reading?



This was a fabulous book!  My favorite thi. ng about this book is how it was written.  Ms.King’s writing style is so poetic and lyrical.  It is a nice break from the norm. Sarah is sixteen years old and has decided to drop out of school because of “the incident”. Also,she hasn’t seen her brother for six years, her parents don’t speak, she follows around a homeless guy, is an artist looking for an original idea, and has started to see different versions of herself in public.  Sarah meets her 23 year old self on the bus and shortly after meets her 10 year old self.  Ten year old Sarah is the one who helps 16 year old Sarah unlock suppressed memories from their family trip to Mexico six years ago when her brother, Brian, left for good.  This story is told from both Sarah’s point of view and her mom’s point of view. Her mom, Helen, provides insight to the abuse she has had to endure from her husband that was hidden from Sarah until now.  When Sarah finds out, she feels that her whole life has been unoriginal and a lie.  This book is about abuse, anger, forgiveness, and looking at life as art whether it is original or not.  I highly recommend this book if you are wanting a different type of read that is original.  (The “original” comments will make sense once you read the book.)



I finished Replica by Lauren Oliver this weekend.  I really enjoyed this book! Full Review later this week.  Click for Goodreads summary HERE!



In the spirit of Halloween, now that it is October, I have decided to read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  I have never read it or even seen the movies made about it.  I think it will be a nice creepy read.


I am still having fun posting bookstagram photos on Instagram. You can see them all HERE! Feel free to follow me on Instagram too.



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